Welcome to Big Ed’s Place, known as BE’s Place to friends and fans. Feel free to look around and stay as long as you’d like. BE’s Place has erotic stories designed to stimulate your mind as well as your libido, reviews of products that tickled my fancy, and of course my own musings about sex, writing, and related subjects (updated twice weekly). There’s even a gallery of the women from the stories for those who prefer photos over illustrations.

So pull up a seat, get a glass of wine, and enjoy!

Big Ed Magusson

Author of The Ugly One, Friends and Benefits, and Deep Dish.


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Dick Spears

Tsunami Mary. She's an irresistable force of nature... Big Ed Magusson. A story in Fanlon's The Windy Pines Universe.



Deep Dish

Desirable Layovers

The Last Hurrah

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