The dirty secret of addictions is that they’re enjoyable. No one gets addicted to doing their taxes or eating their lima beans. We get addicted to things that bring us pleasure. The addiction comes when we choose the pleasure over the longer term consequences.

Sex is much the same way. Someone has to want it for it to happen, even in rape. We choose the pleasure; sometimes with wonderful results, and sometimes with disaster. We desire it, and we make it real.

So there’s a richness of experience where desire and addiction collide. This richness is rarely explored in erotica because it challenges one of the core principles of the genre that sex is good.

The problem is, sex is big. Our moments of naked wanting are too large to be restricted to simply the good. They’re too broad to even fit into the dichotomy of good and bad. The vastness of sexual experience cannot be remotely categorized, labeled, or defined. The erotic is meant to be experienced–if not in person, then through the stories told by others.

This collection tells such stories. They portray individuals dealing with addictive desires in both blatant and subtle ways. Some are tales of redemption. Some are purely that of destruction. All of them attempt to show just a sliver of what addictive desire can be.