I’ve been reviewing Nick Scipio’s drafts prior to release for some time. When he sent me the draft for the Christmas scene in the Wren series, I argued that it didn’t make sense for Paul and Leah to be excluded from swinging with their parents completely–that there would be times when Sean wasn’t around. Nick disagreed, but we continued to discuss the idea. In particular, I felt that the adults wouldn’t cut Leah and Paul off unless something had happened. I suggested a “something” to Nick and he told me to go write the story. It became Bent.

This one was a challenge because, while the plot was minimal and it was reasonably short, I was playing with many more of Nick’s characters than I did in Dealing with the Devil (my first foray into Summer Camp Swingers) and I had to make them seem like the same people. Fortunately, Nick helped out and I’m reasonably satisfied with the result.

I also wanted to tackle the incest taboo in a slightly more realistic manner than most of the stories on the internet. Nick’s universe is one of the few out there where characters engaged in incestual encounters actually have second thoughts about them. I believe the struggle between the lure of the taboo  and the recognition that it’s fraught will peril is important to capture. While I didn’t spend a long time with those internal struggles (Chris isn’t David, after all), I hope I did realistically show how the slippery slope of allowing rules to be bent can lead to them being bent more than might be desired.