Dr. Seuss Provides the Girls

He told me it would be a lock
to get this girl to suck my cock
but what he then had failed to say
is how much that she’d make me pay.

She wanted cash, that’s what she said,
before she’d start to give me head.
I thought “My god! She’s just a whore!”
and so I asked “Can we do more?”

Two hundred if I chose to fuck
and so I tried to push my luck.
“Before we give it a quick twirl,
how much to add another girl?”

She paused a moment, lost in thought,
then said, “I know! Jan’s rather hot!”
and when she’d made a quick phone call,
“Two hundred more and that’s not all.”

“She says she’s got a special, mister.
For a grand she’ll bring her sister.”
Three girls! Oh wow! It was a dream!
An orgy sure would make me cream!

An ATM was on the block
and so I took a little walk.
When I returned, three in a bed!
A blonde, brunette, and one redhead!

The blonde approached, dropped to her knees,
undid my pants, began to please.
She kiss the tip, she licked the shaft.
The others joined, I almost laughed.

Three bobbing heads were down below.
Three gorgeous girls I did not know.
They sucked and licked as they were able,
beyond just “French” it had no label.

My balls were tongued, my thighs were kissed
and not a single inch was missed.
They passed my cock from mouth to mouth
and then their own hands headed south.

They touched themselves, and then their neighbor.
Oh the sight, my breath did labor!
They shifted ’round so I could see.
I shot my load across all three.

Their sighs and moans were fake, who cares?
I longed to touch their other wares.
So on the bed a puppy pile,
I would be hard in a short while.

I kissed a mouth, I tongued a breast,
then headed down to taste the rest.
Her nectar was a tasty treat.
I smiled and then began to eat.

She arched her back and screamed out loud.
I knew I could not be that proud.
She rolled aside, I saw the second.
Open thighs that clearly beckoned.

A clit enlarged and new to me,
I gave a lick, found it tasty,
and so I licked left, up, and down.
Basically I went to town.

She shuddered soon and grabbed my hair.
She said she was too tender there,
and so the third girl took her turn.
I stoked her fire to make her burn.

I never understood the fuss,
I always liked cunnilingus.
So when the third began to moan,
it was enough–I had a bone.

My cock slid in the brunette’s cunt.
She was quite tight–I had to grunt.
The redhead thought that was just fine.
She grabbed the blonde to sixty nine.

I stroked her deep, it seemed like hours,
remaining hard took all my powers,
but in each one I had to be,
to really justify the fee.

And so I switched girls rather quick.
I left the blonde for her to lick.
The redhead gave me quite a ride,
all wet and slick and hot inside.

But even then I saved the best,
to fuck the blonde and watch incest!
The sisters munched each others’ box
And drilled each other with fake cocks.

It was too much for me that day,
load number two was on its way.
The blonde could feel what was to pass,
She said I should cum in her ass.

So with some work I took my pole
and rammed it in her other hole.
It wasn’t long–I had to cum!
The other girls, they wanted some.

So pulling out, I shot my spray,
to their delight; the blonde’s dismay.
Unfortunately I soon found,
I could not go another round.

They called me a fantastic lay,
but I knew I was just okay.
It’s for my cash they had some use,
to pay their pimp–one Dr. Seuss.

Author’s Notes