When Nick wrote Best Laid Plans, he included a statement where Beth said that David and Erin would get a similar weekend together. However, Nick had no intention or desire to write that story himself. So I asked if I could. He said yes.

The fundamental problem with this story was that there was no “will they/won’t they.” Erin would figure out what David had pretty quickly, since she’d been the one to suggest changing the rules, and David isn’t particularly subtle anyway. So I was needed something to drive the plot.

That ended up being Erin’s quest for a dozen orgasms. It was silly and definitely on the “stroke” end of the erotica spectrum, but hopefully fun.

In doing so, I incorporated a couple of scenes I’d always thought would be hot–the breakfast table and the visit to the Tampa club. Some of the rest just fell into place.

All in all, I think it serves as a companion piece to Best Laid Plans reasonably well.