Back when Nick and I started talking about Erin’s Florida Adventures, one of the ideas we’d come up with was Erin doing an amateur night at a strip club. I happen to like writing exhibitionism/voyeurism, and it’s certainly different than flashing. 😉 The navy pilots were a fun bonus twist. Gee, is there any reason Erin would find a navy pilot sexy?

That said, one of the things I wanted to capture was the two young women basically on the prowl. They wanted sex, they found a way to get it, without being instantly labeled as sluts or whores (and if you think that of them, why are you reading my stories?) I’ve always hated the double standard that says the pilots here are to be praised for a one night stand but the women get looked down on. They took care of themselves and had fun, even if it was only good sex instead of amazing sex. Although… they’re also continuing to hook up with good old nerdy librarian Max. Yeah, I know. Poor Max. How many of us would love to be in his situation?

Flyboys also sets up the next story in the series, Party Time. If it’s not a wee bit obvious what that’s gonna be about, well, I didn’t foreshadow it enough. <grin>