Sometimes Nick writes a line that grabs me and nags me until a story comes out of it. Sometimes that story is really one of a series.

So in the Summer Camp Swingers epilogue, Nick wrote a line “Mark and Christy have a date” (it happens when they’re at The Pines with the whole gang in 1996). That got me thinking quite a bit.

Nick’s story has focused on Paul. We know that he loves Christy and Leah deeply, but of course is married to Christy. We don’t see much of their relationship without Paul, or with Mark, the fourth person in the two couples.

Early on, we established that Mark has a small Hot Wife fetish. He likes watching Leah have sex with other people or hearing about it later. But Mark is also “cool.” He’s so naturally laid back and comfortable, that people of all stripes just like him.

So it makes sense that Christy would, too. He’s happy to hang out with her and do stuff. No pressure, no problems. Just a cool, relaxing friend. That she can give blowjobs whenever she wants to.

I liked the idea and I realized the beginning of their relationship could make a fun story. I set it in 1988 after Mark and Leah move back to Atlanta after graduating college because that was the first timeframe that made sense for Mark and Christy to have extended time alone with each other.

This then ended up being the first Mark and Christy story about their friendship