So I stole this storyline.

Several years ago, there was a blog by a guy who called himself Stripclub Hound. He’d been a regular patron and then a manager of a strip club in Southern California. He’s since deleted his blog, which is unfortunate, because he had some great stories.

One of those was told to him by a stripper friend. She’d agreed to do a private party, assuming it was just to dance, and then showed up to find out that the guys were expecting sex as well. They were using the same rationale Jimmy used–if they were all guilty of cheating, no one would tell (aside, this never works with big groups). There were a lot of guys and she didn’t want to abandon her fellow dancers, nor lose the money. So she agreed to do it.

After they were done, she and her fellow dancers got to talking about how well the DJ had taken care of them during the orgy. They decided to reward him by all fucking him, one right after the other. In the original story, she rode him for maybe two minutes, but I decided I had to embellish that so that Max could make them all come.

Yes, poor nerdy, nice guy Max. He just keeps treating Jennifer and Erin with respect and genuine care, and he keeps getting rewarded for it. He’s the closest I’ve written to a Marty Stu character in the Summer Camp Swingers universe because I can’t help giggling at how much fun it’d be to have his problems. “What? Another round? Are you sure?”

It’s such a tough problem to have. <snerk>