Roommate Care

The room spun when I opened my eyes. Despite the jackhammers in my skull, I forced myself to turn my head. Water and aspirin on the nightstand. Vomit bucket and towel on the floor. My roommate’s work.

I never wanted to move again, but the bladder had demands. I shuffled to the bathroom. There, I tried to think.

I remembered the early part of last night. Going to O’Neil’s Pub. Drinking green beer. Flirting with a redhead. Or was she a brunette?

I also recalled opening the apartment door to discover Ryan watching TV. There was a woman behind me, but… crap. I couldn’t remember the rest.

I glanced in the trash. Two used condoms. Well. That was encouraging.

I finished my business and lurched back to my room. Taking the aspirin, I noticed green fabric under the bed. A pair of panties that had definitely not been there before last night.

Ryan whistled in the kitchen. I trudged out and sank into a chair. He slid coffee and dry toast in front of me.

“You take good care of me, roomie,” I said, trying to crack a smile. “Thanks.”

He grinned. “No problem.”

“So… what happened last night?”

“You partied pretty hard.”

I nodded. “There’re green panties in my room. Who’d I bring home?”

“Oh. Erin was looking for those.”

“A redhead?”

“Yeah. Molly’s the brunette.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Damn. Both of them?”

He nodded.

“I wish I remembered it.”

He shrugged. “There’s not much to remember. As you were all getting undressed, well… you passed out.”

“Shit.” Then I furrowed my brow. “But… what about the condoms?”

Ryan grinned. “Well, last night you weren’t the only one I took care of, roomie. “

I silently vowed to never drink again.

Author’s Notes