Sample: A Good Neighbor


Who owns a snowblower in Atlanta? Certainly not anyone with common sense, which explains why I’ve had one in my garage for the past two years. Maggie always said common sense was her job. You just focus on your work, Bob, and leave the rest to me, she always said.

Or had said.

I let out a heavy sigh as I watched the sloppy wet snow filling my yard outside my window. After a year, I still missed her terribly. She would’ve loved the way the rare storm was transforming our adopted city into a remembrance of home. Of course, the natives probably hated it. They didn’t have navigating through blizzards ingrained into their souls like us Buffalonians.

The radio was already reporting that the afternoon traffic was a mess. Heck, my street was already a mess. Mrs. Coulter from down the block slowly rounded the corner in her station wagon. To my complete lack of surprise, her back end slid sideways and she fishtailed into the curb. My Subaru wouldn’t have had that problem with its four wheel drive. Since we still visited my son in New York from time to time, the car wasn’t nearly as impractical as the snowblower.


My heart felt like lead again. We hadn’t gone back to Buffalo since Maggie had started chemo. I hadn’t been back since the funeral. I… well, I guess I hadn’t done much since the funeral. Nothing that mattered, at least.

I stirred myself out of my maudlin thoughts and watched Mrs. Coulter spin her wheels in the snow. What did matter was getting her unstuck. When I emerged from my front door, she was still trying unsuccessfully to rock herself out of the slushy snow. I clomped down the curve and waved. She unrolled the window and leaned out, her dark hair getting soaked in the process.

“Hello!” she called in her delightful British accent. “Do you mind very much to give me a hand?”

I nodded. “I’ll push.”

I walked to the rear of her car and leaned against the trunk. She let off the gas until I was braced. Then I leaned forward as she slowly pressed the accelerator. We had her free in just a few seconds. Once she was safely in the middle of the road, she leaned out her window again.

“Thanks!” Her smile echoed her gratefulness.
I couldn’t help smiling back. “What are neighbors for?”

She waved and rolled up her window and then proceeded down the street. I trudged back to my own house. I was already in my winter gear. I had a snowblower. Why not help out some more?

* * *

?It took me an hour or two to do all the walks and driveways on the block. The Mercer kids waved as they frolicked in their front yard, making a snowman and throwing snowballs. Mrs. Carpenter brought me some hot cocoa. I think her effusive thanks warmed me more than the chocolate.

At the Coulters’, I was almost to the front porch when Mrs. Coulter opened the front door. I blinked—she wore a thick terrycloth robe that was only loosely tied and therefore showed most of her ample cleavage and even some dark skin below. Her feet were in slippers, but her shapely legs were clearly bare. She motioned to me, so I turned off the blower.

“Dear me,” she said, “first a rescue and now this?”

I tipped an imaginary cap. “Just being neighborly.”

She smiled. “Do you have time to come in and warm up a bit?”

I hesitated. My dark empty house held little appeal.

“I can make us some hot toddies,” she said. “You’ve done so much for us.”

Her smile was earnest enough for me to start nodding before I even realized what I was doing.

“Let me finish the driveway first,” I said.

“That would be lovely.” She beamed again, and then stepped back inside and closed the door. As she did so, her robe swirled and flashed a bit of bare thigh.

My pulse skipped at the sight. Her husband is one lucky man, I thought as I started the snowblower again. It’s too bad we didn’t get to know them better.

We. Well, I certainly still could. 

To be continued…

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