Sample: Banged!

Victor drummed his fingers on his thigh and tried not to be impatient. The window air conditioner in the main room of their one bedroom apartment chugged along, drowning out any sounds of Kara getting ready in the next room. Unfortunately, it didn’t work particularly well, and left the air still muggy with a faint acrid smell. His slacks bunched at the knees and he considered removing his blazer, but they’d been told to “dress nice” and he’d already spent too long figuring out what constituted “nice” for a swinger’s club. He had a good guess from their last and only other visit, but it was just a guess. They’d spent just a little time in the front rooms where clothes were required.

He chuckled softly to himself. The teenaged version of himself would’ve been shocked at how easily he shed his clothes these days. It helped that he wasn’t the gangly string bean he’d been then. Three days at the gym, come hell or high-water, or anything short of getting stuck on rotation, actually.

That’s what killed him. His residency was a bitch, no two ways about it. There were too many long, exhausting hours, and days he was sure he’d collapse before he got home. But it was supposed to be tough. If he couldn’t hack it, he didn’t deserve to be a doctor.

He could hack it.

Besides, there were rewards to doing a residency in Atlanta. It kept Kara happy, and a happy Kara meant a happy Victor.

Especially on nights like tonight.

The bedroom door opened, first a few inches, as if Kara had something to check, then all the way. She walked into the living room and smiled at him.

And took his breath away.

She wore a simple dark blue v-neck short-sleeved silk blouse that highlighted her cleavage nicely. Her nipples poked out through the fabric, making the absence of a bra obvious, if the jiggle when she walked hadn’t. The blouse complemented the tight black skirt perfectly. The skirt ended just above her knee, leaving her long muscular legs clad in black nylon. Black pumps finished the outfit.

Kara had done her hair up and had light makeup on. Her dark complexion made her look tan in the dim light. She smiled, and lit up the room.

“You look amazing, my love,” Victor said. “Are you sure we need to go to the club?”

She laughed, a soft tinkling pleased laugh.

“I’m not sure I can keep my hands off you. Maybe we could…”

She laughed again and shook her head.

“We promised Shelley and Brian,” she sad. “We need to go.”

“Are you sure? They won’t mind if we’re late. I mean, it’s not like they’re here to see us…”

Her pained look made clear her own ambivalence.

“I know she’s one of your oldest friends,” Victor said, “but… has she really been acting like it?”

Kara frowned and, after a moment, shook her head.

“We haven’t gotten together with them for anything other than sex in a long time. Is that a friendship?”

“No,” Kara said with a nod. She slumped against the arm of the couch. “It’s not.”

“And she’s always been bad about returning phone calls.”

She nodded again. Then she sighed.

“She really wasn’t that good of a friend back in high school, either, come to thing of it,” Kara said. “Well, at least not our senior year. She was always so busy…”

He smirked. “Busy… with family?”

They shared a wry grin.

“Not always,” she said. “I think they figured out that routine pretty quickly. Though there were a couple of Saturday nights she decided to stay home, come to think of it.”

He nodded knowingly.

Kara let out a deep breath. “So… as much as I’d love for you to have your way with me… we should go.”

With a nod, he stood and walked over to her, where he stopped close, his eyes full of mischief. “Maybe we can find a private room for ourselves,” he suggested. “I mean, why play with all those other women when I have you?”

“You say the sweetest things.”

He kissed her and she smiled when they pulled apart.

“C’mon,” he said. “If we’re not having a good time with Shelley, we can always leave.”

“We don’t want to stay late anyway.” She let out a big breath. “I don’t want to be tired tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” he said with a nod. “You… still plan to go through with it?”

She nodded emphatically.

“Sex with your Dad is a big step. You can always change your mind…”

“No,” she said with a shake of her head. “I’ve been fantasizing about it for too long. I mean…”

He slid his hand up under her skirt. She’d skipped panties, so he quickly cupped her pussy. Which was soaked.

He chuckled. “Just thinking about it gets you hot.”

“You, too,” she said. She slid her hand over the pants covering his hard cock as well.

“We won’t stay late,” he promised. “Though I still may find you too irresistible to leave alone.”

“Just as long as Dad does, too.”

They shared another knowing smile and headed for the door.

To be continued…

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Maybe “anything goes” doesn’t apply to all gangbangs…

Victor loves his fiancée, her wild taboo fantasies, and her willingness to get together with her even wilder friends. But accepting an invitation to meet them at a swinger’s club may not have been a good idea…

A short story wondering what’s too far…