Sample: Burst

“Hi, this is Erin. Is Leah there?”

“Sorry,” Chris said, “she’s getting her hair done.”

“Oh. Uh… okay. Ummmm….”

Chris frowned at the note in her voice. “Is something wrong?”

“Well, I’m at the mall. My car won’t start and my mom’s not home. I was hoping Leah could give me a ride.”

“I can give you a ride.”

“Really? That’d be so cool!”

Chris quietly chuckled at the enthusiasm in her voice. He wrote down exactly where she’d parked and promised to be there soon. Erin thanked him again before they hung up, and he could almost feel the bounce in her step.

Does rescuing a damsel in distress count as an adventure? He picked up his windbreaker and car keys and thought of Erin’s enthusiasm again. I suspect it does.

* * *?

He found Erin’s car in the mall parking lot with little difficulty. The hood was up and she leaned against the side wearing a simple short skirt and blouse. She lifted her sunglasses to the top of her blonde hair and waved when she saw him. He pulled into an empty slot nearby. She sauntered over as he eased himself out of the driver’s seat.

“Thank you for coming,” she said, her smile full of sunshine.

Chris gestured toward the engine. “What’s the problem?”

“The radiator hose burst.”

“Ah.” He strolled to the engine and looked down.

Erin leaned into his side and pointed. “There’s the split.” She pointed a bit closer to the front of the car. “There might be another one down there, but I got my hands and shirt all messy when I leaned in to look.” She stepped back a bit so he could see the black smear across her middle where she’d leaned into the car.

Chris looked into the engine again. “Hmmm.” He glanced at the edge of the hood compartment where Erin had encountered the goop from the radiator. “Be right back.”

Light sprinkles of rain fell as he retrieved an old towel from his trunk. After years of cleaning up baby vomit, he’d added it to his roadside emergency kit and then discovered all sorts of uses for it. Now I’ve got one more.

Chris paused and looked up at the sky. The rain seemed sporadic but the clouds certainly looked thick. Erin didn’t seem to mind the weather, so he strolled back to her side in front of the engine. There, he wiped down the front rim of the engine compartment. Erin nodded ruefully and smiled.

He leaned in, still avoiding touching the car with his body, and looked at the hose. It was split, alright, at least the part he could see. He scanned to the ends and saw he could reach at least one set of hose clamps.

Erin leaned in next to him. “See over there? Doesn’t that look like something’s wrong?”

“Mmmm,” he said, “you’re right. I’m afraid we’ll have to have a mechanic look at it.”

“Dad’ll want to look at it himself when he gets home.”

“Is he on a trip?”

She nodded.

“Then we should probably arrange a tow.”

“A tow’s fine. Dad likes to use this one guy. His number’s at home.”

“Okay. Do you need to do anything else here?” Chris motioned toward the mall.

Erin shook her head. “Just needed to pick up my new shoes for tonight.”

“Ah, yes, the Prom.” Chris grinned. “Can’t have you without shoes for that. How about if I give you a ride home and then arrange the tow for you?”

“That’d be great!”

Without warning, the heavens opened up.

Erin let out a shriek as the first raindrops pelted her. She dashed for her passenger’s door but dropped her keys when she went to unlock it. Chris closed the hood and went to help. After a long few seconds, she managed to get it open and extract her purse and shopping bags. Then she bobbled the bags while trying to keep them tightly closed. Meanwhile Chris slid into his driver’s seat. Erin closed and locked her own car door and then dashed for his passenger’s side. She pulled on the handle before Chris realized the door was still locked. He unlocked it and a drenched Erin slid into the seat.

Outside, the cloudburst continued to pound water down all around them.

Erin shivered. Her hard nipples poked through her thin bra and blouse, which were plastered to her skin and almost transparent.

“Here,” Chris said as he wiggled out of his windbreaker. As he did so, he realized it wasn’t in much better shape than Erin’s clothes. He tossed it aside and started pulling his shirt over his head.
Erin’s eyes widened in surprise.

“You’re cold,” he said, “The least I can do is give you the shirt off my back.”

She chuckled, but immediately shucked her own wet clothes.

Chris admired her breasts openly as they came into view. They jiggled as she squirmed out of her shirt and bounced delightfully. Her nipples remained stiff from the cold. Stiffer than when I’ve played with them. When Erin noticed his gaze, she slowed her motions. He passed her his shirt and she pulled it on.

They shared a grin.

“I know I’ve seen them hundreds of times,” Chris said, “but they’re still spectacular.”

Erin laughed, her eyes alight with amusement.

“Just calling them like I see them.”

Erin pulled Chris’s shirt up, flashing him. “And you are seeing them,” she teased.

“I am indeed.”

To be continued…

Cover for the book Friends and Benefits

 Want more of  Burst?

She’s his daughter’s best friend… and she wants him…

… and Chris has decide how far it’ll go.

When a burst radiator hose and a cloudburst force Erin to call Chris for help, she makes it clear she’s eager to reward him in naughty ways. With his wife having a taboo weekend out of town, should he go for it?

A romp of an erotic adventure.