Sample: Busted

The photographer had nailed it. Chris stretched out on his bed and slowly stroked his cock as his eyes roamed over the picture. While the woman’s face was hidden behind her black hair, the flush on her chest made it apparent to anyone with an ounce of discernment that she was having an orgasm. But for those without discernment, the way she clawed the sheets as she arched her back toward the camera gave it away. The picture froze her in ecstasy.

Chris’s eyes trailed lower, to where the other woman’s hands held the first woman’s hips. Her black hair cascaded over thighs and stomach and obscured what she was doing, but there was no doubt, really. Not with her head positioned there. Not with the way the first woman reacted.

Chris smeared a little pre-come around as lube, and then continued with his self-pleasure as he admired the photograph. It was the most erotic art he’d ever seen—better than any Playboy, better than any picture in a San Francisco gallery—even if it was just a Polaroid. It was searingly hot.

It was also his eldest daughter stretched out under her mother’s tongue.

A jolt went up Chris’s spine. He gasped as he felt the pressure build in his balls.

Footsteps came from the hall. In a flash of panic, he slid the picture under the pillow and spread out the other Polaroids just as his wife opened the door.

Elizabeth looked at Chris, dick in hand, pictures of a hot naked blonde around him, and smirked.
“Couldn’t wait?” she asked.

He shrugged sheepishly. “Since we didn’t get our time this morning….”

“You needed your sleep.” She strode over to her dresser and opened her jewelry box and extracted a necklace before turning back and smiling. “Besides, why use those when you can have the real thing later?”

Because I wasn’t masturbating to the pictures of Shelley.

During Elizabeth’s visit to Columbia three weeks ago, Kara’s old high school friend and occasional sexual playmate had thrust some pictures on her, which Elizabeth had ‘augmented’ from her session with Kara and Victor. “To give your husband something to look forward to,” Shelley had said.

And he did. As the pictures showed, she was smoking hot, and from everything Elizabeth had told him about the post-graduation orgy, she was a veritable nymphomaniac.

“Perhaps we can play after dinner tonight,” she said. “We’ll hopefully be done shopping about then.”

“So just how long does it take to pick out a wedding dress?” Chris grumbled. My wife’s in town and I’m still spending my Saturday alone!

“As long as it takes, dear. As long as it takes.”

He wrapped his fingers around his dick and waved it. “You sure you don’t have time for…?”

She chuckled good-naturedly and shook her head. “Beth’s already here. The boys are gone and Kara and Shelley are waiting for me downstairs.”

He sighed in frustration.

Elizabeth’s eyes sparkled. She walked to the side of the bed and reached down. He let her fingers replace his. Then she knelt and took his cock into her mouth. She gave him two quick deep sucks before straightening up.

“More later,” she said, “I promise.” She leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

“Have fun,” she said before she disappeared out the door.
I’d have more fun if she’d finished that. He grumbled to himself and reached for the pictures again, but flipping through them didn’t have the same thrill. So he put them in the nightstand drawer and headed for the pool for his morning laps.

To be continued…

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The problem with keeping secrets is getting caught.

Chris hasn’t told his swinger friends he’s sleeping with their daughter. His own daughter hasn’t told him how wild her old friend really is. Sounds like time for an orgy, right?

If you like wild orgies with a hint of the taboo, you’ll like Busted.