Sample: Buying My Girlfriend a Lapdance

“Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Stacy looked at me, her eyes wide, as she waited for me to answer her question. I smiled and kissed the top of her head. As was often the case, she snuggled into my side with her bare breasts pressed into me as we recovered from another glorious fuck.

“Well, it is the next logical step,” I said. “I really enjoyed watching you with John and then with the men at the wedding. I’m sure I’d enjoy watching you with another woman.”

She shivered and sucked in her breath. I could tell the idea intrigued her, but I also knew Stacy was basically straight. She’d actually fallen asleep watching girl-girl porn with me once. Whereas more than once I’d caught her staring at guys’ crotches while we were out in public.

“Of course,” I said, “I know I’d have to make you. Order you to have sex with her.” I knew that would appeal to her submissive streak.

She ground her pussy into my thigh. “You’d order me.”

“Uh huh.”

“What would you make me do?”

I chortled. “Why don’t you get me hard first and then I’ll tell you?”

Stacy immediately lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth. I’d never gone completely soft after our fuck, so she stroked my balls with one hand while she licked and kissed the head and upper end of my shaft. I ran my fingers over her back and ass and sighed happily. I knew she could taste her juices on me and I wondered if that could be turning her on.

“That’s nice,” I said as she swallowed me deep. “Very nice.”

She looked up, her eyes full of lust.

I chuckled. “Do you like the taste of pussy juice on my cock?”

She pulled off. “Mmmm hmmm.” Then she immediately sucked me in again.

“Then you should taste it from the source. I’ll have to order you to go down on her.”

Her nostrils flared and she tightened her lips around my erection.

“Make you stick your tongue in her,” I continued, “order you to lick her clit.”

She let my dick slip from her mouth and looked up, her eyes smoldering.

“You’re hard,” she said.

“Then it’s time to fuck you again. Get on your hands and knees.”

She scrambled into position and then looked back over her shoulder as I knelt behind her. I slid the head of my cock up and down her slit. She squirmed and moaned. I spread her open with my fingers. She groaned and lowered her shoulders to the bed, making the angle just right to fuck her. Since she was still hot and wet from our earlier session, I easily slid inside. Then I pulled back and slammed into her hard.

“Oh God,” she gasped.

“Feel good?” I asked as I did it again.

She lowered her head to the mattress with a groan.

I held her hips as I stroked in and out of her. She was wet—truly wet. Of course, some of that was my come from our earlier session, but I didn’t mind. It wasn’t like I hadn’t enjoyed sloppy seconds before.

“Of course, maybe I should just call John,” I said. “See if he’s ready to fuck you again. Make you go down on his wife.”

Stacy shuddered. Somehow she managed to get her fingers on her clit.

“You’d like that,” I nearly growled. “His hard cock in you. Pounding you. Enjoying every inch of your body.”

Her cunt squeezed me tight and the heat seemed to double. Occasionally, her fingertips brushed my balls, which sent jolts up my spine.

“Can you imagine his face while he watches you suck Mandy’s pussy? Maybe she’ll play with your breasts while he screws you. Would you like that?”


“I’d like that. Can you imagine my face?”

With a shriek, Stacy came. She shook and clamped down on my shaft. I thrust once more, but the friction was too much. As she shook and screamed a second time, I lost control. The pleasure surged up my spine and I unloaded deep into her. She shuddered again and fell forward, pulling me on top of her.

When we’d caught our breath, she smiled at me, still logy from her orgasm.

“You liked that,” I said.

She nodded. “But it’ll never work. John’s not going to cheat on Mandy, and she’s not very open-minded.”

“Yeah, but we can fantasize, right?”

She nodded again.

“Besides,” I said, “I’m sure there’s a woman out there somewhere who’d love to get it on with you while I watched.” Given how beautiful Stacy was, I was pretty sure there’d be more than one, actually.

She let out a long ragged breath, which turned into a yawn.

“Just make sure she’s pretty,” she said before she closed her eyes.

I chuckled. “I promise, my sweet submissive, I promise.”

She smiled and drifted off to sleep.

To be continued…

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Stacy doesn’t fantasize about women, except for one stripper she met at her best friend’s bachelor party.

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