Sample: Date Night?

Erin trudged down the dorm hall. She shifted the backpack on her shoulder and reached into her pocket for her room key. She couldn’t hear any music, which was a good sign. She hoped, hoped, hoped her roommate was gone. Her shoulders tightened as she imagined Brenda sprawled stoned on her bed. Or worse, stoned and fucking her boyfriend. How one person could do that much pot was beyond her.

She opened her door and her chest fell. Brenda was right there at her desk. She seemed to actually be studying. Or at least attempting to. She turned to reveal bloodshot eyes, but at least they focused.

“Hey,” Brenda said, “your dad called. Number’s on your desk.”

“My dad?” Erin eased her backpack to the floor beside her desk. “Why’d he leave a number?”

“How should I know? Ask him.” Brenda turned back to her book.

Erin picked up the paper and tried to decipher Brenda’s scrawl. It wasn’t as bad as normal, and after a minute, she picked up the phone. He answered on the second ring.

“Hey, Dad. What’s up?”

“Hey kiddo, I’m in Jacksonville.”

“Jacksonville. Why?”

“Repositioning flight. Broken equipment. Don’t get me started! Anyway, we’re here ’til tomorrow, so I have some time. I mean, if you wanna meet your old man for dinner. I don’t know if I’ll be good company or not, but my credit card should make up for it.”

“Okay,” she laughed.

“So, I’m in the mood for Amand’s. Interested?”

“Armand’s? Sure, sounds like fun.” Besides, anything was better than cafeteria food.

“Pick you up at six? In front of your dorm?”

“Sounds good. See you then.” They said their goodbyes and hung up. She turned to see Brenda looking at her and rolling her eyes.

“Armand’s? Really?”

“What about it? It’s supposed to be nice.”

“Totally lame.” Brenda returned to her studies.
Erin checked the clock. She had enough time to get in a little studying before she’d need to get ready. But did she need to work?

She flipped open her planner and ran a finger down her list of assignments. She’d already finished everything that was due tomorrow. She had some reading for Tuesday, but that’d be easy over the weekend.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” she announced.

As usual, Brenda ignored her as she gathered her things.

* * *

Erin stepped under the hot spray and pushed her hair back. She turned and let the water cascade down her back. The rest of the bathroom remained still and silent. It wouldn’t remain that way, which was too bad. She didn’t get many showers without having to overhear other women going about their business. Or worse.

She smirked. Kellie had gotten caught playing with herself in the shower and the other girls were still teasing her about it. Erin had learned the obvious lesson—be very, very quiet. Of course, it helped that Brenda had started actually going to one of her classes. It was only Tuesday-Thursday, but it helped. She’d had a very nice time that morning playing back memories of her trip to Tampa. Earl had been amazing…

She caught herself. She’d been soaping her breasts just a bit too long. She chuckled. She’d been worked up a lot lately. Maybe this morning hadn’t been enough.

She needed to get laid again. Instead, she was going out with her dad.

But maybe…?

She shook her head. Her dad hadn’t been anything but a dad since their wild weekend in April. Well, and the Memorial Day party, but that barely counted.

Still, she grabbed her razor and started to neaten up her pubes. She could always relive those memories after dinner. 

To be continued…

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David’s unexpectedly in town and wants to take Erin out to dinner. It’s been months since their wild weekend. Will it happen again?

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