Sample: Duke and Earl

Erin shrugged in agreement and sipped some more wine. “So what about you? How’s the gallery?”

“Keeps me busy.” Val waved her hand in dismissal. “But you didn’t come down to talk about my little hobby. What’s going on?”

“Always so direct,” Erin said with a snort.

“Life’s too short. Besides, we’re family.”

“Well…” Erin took a deep breath. “I haven’t been dating at school. None of the guys are worth it, if you know what I mean?”

Val nodded and gestured for her to go on.

“So… a girl has needs. And sometimes you really need a guy, you know?”

Val chuckled. “Oh? Do I.”

“Anyway… I was hoping we could go to the club.”

“You’ll have to narrow it down. Which club?”

“The Bare Essence Social Club.”

Val’s eyebrows shot up. “The swinger’s club?”

“I know you’re a member,” Erin quickly added.

“How do you know that? And why do you want to go?”

“I said I have needs,” Erin said. She finished with a defiant shrug.


“I’m a swinger too,” Erin said. “Just like you. And better the club than a random one night stand at school. It’s two hours away! I can’t get a reputation, or get into trouble. It’s a better choice.”

Val raised her eyebrows pointedly and picked up her wine glass. She appeared to be gathering her thoughts as she sipped.

“It’s not like you’d have to babysit me or anything,” Erin continued. “I just need to get in the door. I could go by myself, but—”

“That’s not a good idea.”

“Why not?” She huffed. “Fine.”

Val snorted and set her glass down. She met Erin’s eyes, and Erin avoided flinching or looking away.

“So you’re a swinger,” Val finally said.

To be continued…

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