Sample: Flyboys

Erin pinched the clips on the report cover closed and leaned back in satisfaction. The term paper was done. Finally done. Now it was all over but Finals. And she had plenty of time for those. She let out a relieved breath and looked over at Jennifer.

Her friend still hunched over her textbook, furiously making marks in a spiral notebook as she read. As usual, her long brown hair had come untucked and half-obscured her face. The only moderately quiet buzz from the rest of the crowd of students in this part of the library didn’t seem to faze her. Jennifer’s concentration didn’t even break when someone knocked a textbook off a table a few rows over.

Erin grinned affectionately. She’d had trouble concentrating with all the extra people around. This spot had been as quiet as it got. Even their favorite private study room was occupied by a group working on some project for their political science class. Jennifer powered on, but then she looked up and blinked.


“I’m done.” Erin gestured at her books.

Jennifer grimaced. “Thirty minutes? You could go find Max.” Jennifer bent over her book again.

“He’s home studying.” Besides, she wasn’t in the mood for Max. He’d done a fine job of eating her pussy during their “lesson” that morning, but… yeah, she wasn’t in the mood for Max.

She wanted… she wanted something different. Someone different.

She rolled her shoulders and neck. She wasn’t as stiff as she’d expected to be. She decided to take a walk. Maybe there were some interesting guys around.

* * *?

Every study area in the library was crammed. Erin spotted several people who clearly didn’t know each other sharing some of the bigger tables. Girls in sweats huddled in small groups. Guys in t-shirts and jeans had their heads bent over their books. Only a couple of them looked her way, and only two of those smiled. The first one had frat letters on his shirt, on his backpack, and across the back on one of his notebooks. She gave him a pained smile and moved on.

The other guy was cute, in an offbeat kind of way. He had blond spiky new wave hair and a Members Only jacket. Unfortunately, he was also sitting next to a black haired girl, who gave Erin a glare when she saw where her guy was looking.

Erin completed her circuit but didn’t spot anyone else that didn’t just make her think of boys. Overgrown boys. She arrived back at the table with Jennifer as grumpy as before. Jennifer briefly looked up.

“Almost done.”

“Cool.” Erin started packing up. Thankfully, a few minutes later, they were on their way.

* * *?

They trudged across campus to the dorm. It seemed colder in the dark, but it wasn’t that much colder than during the day. It was still Florida, after all.

“So what now?” Jennifer asked.

“I could use some stress relief,” Erin said with a shrug. Jennifer smirked at the code word.

“Yeah… but Max is busy. Which kinda sucks. And my roommate’s probably home.”

“Mine, too,” Erin suspected. Well, maybe not at the moment, but Brenda’s comings and goings had become increasingly erratic. She’d even started skipping class regularly.

Maybe she’ll flunk out and I’ll be rid of her. Erin felt guilty that she wanted it to happen, but it’d make life so much easier…

“You could take a long shower,” Jennifer suggested. She saw Erin’s grimace and shrugged. “It was just an idea.”

“No.” Erin let out a sigh of frustration. “Besides, I want…. more.”

“We could go to a party. I heard about one off campus.”

“Like last time? No.”

“A frat party?”

“And deal with frat boys?” Erin derisively laughed.

“Yeah,” Jennifer said. “What was I thinking?”

They shared a grin.

“So let’s go somewhere else,” Jennifer said.

“Yeah, but where?” Erin’s scowl deepened. “Atlanta’s too far. So’s Miami.” Tampa was possible, but it’d take too long to set things up with Val and her first exam was in four days.

“Jacksonville? Maybe one of the bars by the navy base?”

“Sailors? Ew.” Erin paused. “No, wait. They have pilots there, too.”

“Pilots? Are they different than sailors?”

“Are you kidding? They’re the cream of the crop. The best of the best.”

“So how do we find some?”

“We’ll know them when we see them.”

“We could go tomorrow night.”

“Yeah… yeah let’s do it.” Erin had to admit, maybe a weakness for men in uniform was genetic?

“Think you can wait that long…?”

To be continued…

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Hot pilots. Hotter girls.

Erin and Jennifer are on the prowl, and some navy pilots sound like just the catch. Not for anything serious, mind you. More… catch, play with, and release, if you know what I mean.

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