Sample: Hanging Out

Mark leaned back on Wren’s couch with a happy sigh. The fabric slightly scratched his bare back and he was glad for the towel under his butt. He put his hands behind his head and smiled down at Christy. Her blonde head moved slowly in his lap and she didn’t look up. She was savoring his cock.

She sucked slowly, and broke off from sucking frequently to lick and stroke his shaft. More than once she dipped her head to kiss his balls before working her way back up to the crown. She took him into her throat once, and then again, but when he gasped, she backed off. Then her eyes met his and they flashed. The message was clear. He’d come when she was good and ready and not before. He suppressed a chuckle. Yeah, that was exactly what he’d do.

The room had grown quiet, so he looked around. He’d hoped to catch a glimpse of Leah in action, but the room was empty. She and the others must have gone to the bedroom. Leah’s clothes still lay scattered around Wren’s living room. Paul’s were folded neatly, in a stack not far from his own, but Christy’s were a mess. One shoe had somehow found its way onto an end table and her bra dangled over the back of the arm chair. She’d left her silk panties on, though.

Mark smiled. He didn’t need the reminder of her limits. Trip had frowned when he’d seen her keep them on, then quickly covered it up before Wren saw. But Trip kept score. Mark… well, he didn’t see the point.

Besides, it was his dick in Christy’s mouth. Not Trip’s. And if Christy took as long with him as she looked to be doing, she might never get around to blowing Trip.

That made him grin even more. Trip had been a bit of an asshole over dinner. He’d interrupted the ladies more than once and made it clear he was eager, very eager, to get to “dessert.” Wren had nearly swatted him when she brought out a chocolate torte and he’d joked it wasn’t the “dessert” he wanted.

Mark had liked the first dessert quite a bit. And now the second…?

He shuddered as Christy took him into her throat again. She tightened her lips and bolts of pleasure shot up his spine. He gasped as she began to bob her head.

“You keep doing that,” he murmured, “and I’m gonna come.”

She slowed down. Then she let his dick slip from her lips and grinned at him.

“That’s okay,” she chirped. “You recover quick.”

She plunged his cock into her mouth again.
This time, she didn’t let up. She sucked hard and stroked his shaft with one hand. Her tight, wet mouth sent shivers through his body. He could feel the orgasm building. His balls tightened. Christy took him down her throat again, and he couldn’t hold back.

With a groan, he emptied himself into her mouth.
Christy swallowed, and kept swallowing. Then she sucked his softening cock, making sure to get every last drop of semen. When she’d finally satisfied herself that she had every bit, she pulled off his cock and grinned up at him.

“Amazing,” he groaned, “absolutely amazing.”

Her smile grew and her cheeks even dimpled.

“So…,” he said, “we could go join the others,” he nodded toward the hall to the bedroom, “or we could see if there’s any cake left.”

“It’s a torte.”

“Yeah,” Mark said. “Whatever. Want some?”

“Yes, please. Yum!”

He laughed, stood, and then helped her to her feet. 

To be continued…

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Netflix and chill. Before there was Netflix.

Mark’s unemployed. Christy’s home by herself. They might as well hang out together, and if that leads to naughtiness…?

This slice of life story covers the beginning of Mark and Christy’s special friendship in Nick Scipio’s Summer Camp Swingers Universe. If you enjoy low key relationships mixed with erotic scenes, you’ll enjoy Hanging Out.