Sample: Her Best Friend’s Bachelor Party

“John wants me to be his Best Man.”

I blinked in surprise at my girlfriend Stacy and set down my fork. As her full breasts and tight ass clearly demonstrated, she was anything but a man. Still, John had been her best friend for most of a decade, platonically as far as I knew, so the request made sense. As her boyfriend of only six months, I also knew she wasn’t exactly asking my permission either.

“What does that entail?”

“The usual stuff, I suppose,” she said with a shrug. “Stand up with him, hold the ring, plan the bachelor party. The usual.”

“Bachelor party?”

“Yeah, he doesn’t want anything too wild, though. We’ll probably just go to a strip club.”

I nodded. I’d met John’s fiancée Mandy and I didn’t see her agreeing to anything particularly wild. She’d put her foot down hard a few months earlier when a suggested ‘guy’s weekend in Vegas’ had come up. He’d toe the line.

“Sounds fun. Do you think I’ll be invited?”

She furrowed her brow, which made her brown eyes seem even more clear and warm.

“Of course, Dick,” she said. “You’ll be my plus one.”

“Good.” I reached across the table and stabbed the asparagus on her plate. No one else in the restaurant looked our way as I popped it in my mouth.

“Don’t do that,” she admonished.

I looked around the elegant but busy dining room. “No one noticed.”

“No. Don’t eat asparagus,” she said, “it’ll spoil what I want to do later.”

“I’ll just have pineapple for dessert.”

“You better.”

She wasn’t really cross with me, and I knew it, but I still made the strategic dessert choice. Our waiter thought the request was strange—pineapple juice with orange crème brûlée?—but Stacy just smiled knowingly.

Back in her apartment, she proved it to me by slowly swallowing all the citrus flavored semen I had to offer. As I recovered, she slid up and nestled into my side. I lightly stroked her back and pushed her long auburn hair to the side so I could caress her neck. A shiver went down her back.

“So…,” I said, “John’s Best Man. How come you and John never got together?”

“We thought about it. We even fooled around a couple of times, but then decided not to date.”

My eyebrows went up. “Fooled around? Really?”

“Uh huh. Mostly just oral, and mostly him on me.”

“Did you ever screw?”

“Never did.”

I waited, but she didn’t go on. The thought of them together—conservative John and my smoking hot girlfriend—made my blood rush. He was a fool if he didn’t screw her when he had a chance. I was no fool and even after the blowjob, I wanted her.

I stroked her neck again, and she squirmed and sighed under my touch. I put my hand under her chin and tilted her face up. Her eyes burned with desire.

I kissed her. Her lips parted, and I kissed her passionately again. As our tongues met, I rolled her onto her back, my body blanketing hers. She whimpered lightly as I kissed along her jaw to her ear. Her breathing quickened and I could already smell the beginning of her arousal. I liked it.

“Tell me about it,” I murmured into her ear.

To be continued…

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