Sample: Irie No Kaubutsu


“Of course there are monsters.”

I waited for Michiko to continue, but she just smiled, her eyes wide and innocent. Of course I knew her too well to buy it—she was one of the most experienced bdsm’ers in the Bay Area and wasn’t innocent in anything. But I also knew that she wouldn’t tell me anything she didn’t want to, even if I tied her up and tortured her. She’d probably have a half dozen orgasms, but she wouldn’t tell….

“But they’re good monsters,” she said.

“Mmmm hmmm. If they were bad monsters, we would not still live here.”

I grimaced, but quickly cleared my face. As much as I wanted ‘we’ to mean Michiko and me, I knew she reserved the term for her family and I wasn’t family. Yet.

That was the whole point of this trip. When I’d proposed, Michiko had said she couldn’t accept until we’d visited her family in Irie no Kaubutsu. I’d grumbled, but what could I say? I’d only met her parents once and knew none of her extended family. Given the way her eyes grew wistful when she talked of home, I knew I’d have to visit sooner or later, so now was as good a time as any.

That said, I had no idea what to expect. Michiko hadn’t talked much about her home town, except to say it was a small coastal village a long drive from the nearest train station. It had one of the best schools in Japan, a lot of fish, and not much else. Oh, and the name translated to ‘Monster Cove,’ which had led to my question.

“Huh. Good monsters.”

Michiko smiled her inscrutable smile.

“Care to explain?”

“Just have an open mind.”

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