Sample: Like a Brother

When Kyle calls and says he wants me to meet a woman, my dick stiffens. It’s been too long, far too long, since I had even a kiss. But with Kyle, I know I’m likely to get laid, if I don’t fuck it up.

So I slick back my hair, slide my jacket on, and head out into the night. My imagination runs wild, which pumps me. My blood races with sensual possibility. On the highway, my coupe slides in and out of traffic like a shark through a school of fish. Fast, slow. Fast, fast, slow. The excitement adds to the crackle that covers my skin.

I truly love going to see Kyle at his job in the mountain casinos. This late in the evening, I hit US 6 with little traffic and get to floor it around the twists and turns. Halfway up the canyon, I slow behind a camper, but leave it in the dust at the next wide stretch. It’s long out of sight before I round the turn into Blackhawk.

Despite my visits, I’ve never understood this town. Small stakes gambling was supposed to revive its economy, but ended up swamping it. The old general store and art galleries are long gone in favor of glitz and noise and drunken retirees waiting for the bus to take them back to some parking lot in Denver. With a five-dollar max bet, it’s a pale imitation of Vegas, but that doesn’t prevent it from trying. It doesn’t prevent it from being filled with people with too much time and not enough skill at math. So it has its lights and flashing noise and over-touted buffets with everyone from the parking attendant on up looking for tips.

To my surprise, it also has a ‘what happens in Blackhawk stays in Blackhawk’ mentality. Not among the aged guests so much as the staff. In eight years, Kyle’s worked in four casinos and I’ve met several dozen people. Not one of them, even the married ones, remained faithful to a partner. The booze flowed, the trash talk flew, and spare beds in the hotels got comped on a whim. A few times to my benefit.

I pull into the parking lot of The Palace. I am ready.


Cover for the book Friends and Benefits

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Kyle always sets his best friend Tom up with women…

…until he can’t.

But Kyle’s own girlfriend finds Tom attractive. And best friends share everything…

If you like thoughtful short stories about how far a friendship can go, you’ll enjoy Like a Brother.