Sample: Old Dogs

“Mike, this is Sherri.”
I took a long look at the lithe brunette standing in Rose’s cluttered living room. She had old eyes, despite clearly being a third Rose’s and my age. She smiled and offered her hand. I took it, turned it, and raised it to my lips. Her eyes widened as I kissed it.
“Delighted to meet you,” I said.
“I’m pleased too.”
“Sherri and I attended the same Tantra workshop,” Rose said as she bustled by me toward the smell of cooking beef wafting from her tiny kitchen. “She’s traveling the country and thought she’d visit us here in Austin for a few days.” Then Rose ducked out of sight.
I looked at the poised young lady and raised my eyebrows.
“She told me about your arrangement,” she said, her voice low and smooth. “I hope you don’t mind.”


Cover for the book Friends and Benefits

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Can Old Mike learn a new trick?

Make takes great comfort from his ‘arrangement’ with former erotic masseuse Rose. Then a newcomer shows up to learn her tricks of the trade.

A short story in the Compassionate Courtesan Universe.