Sample: Only Fair

When Chris walked into the kitchen, he found Leah sitting at the table with both hands wrapped around her mug. She looked a lot less bleary-eyed and gave him a half-smile.

“Coffee’s ready. Obviously.”

He smiled and went to pour himself one. “It looks like you need a vacation after your vacation too.”

“Yeah,” she smirked. “Except I’ve got one.”

He laughed. “That’s right. You don’t have to head back to work like I do.” He put his hand on his brow in mock agony. “However shall I manage?”

She snorted. “I’m sure you can do it.”

“Well, of course. Look what I have to come home to.” He waggled his eyebrows to make the innuendo clear.

She smiled but still rolled her eyes.

He filled his mug and smiled at her again. “I’m going to have some cereal. Want some?”

“Yes, please.”

He brought the bowls, spoons, and cereal to the table. Leah gave him a warm smile when he sat down and joined her.

“So,” he said as they started eating, “will Mark be okay with what happened?”

“In Utah? Oh, yeah. I told him last night and he was really excited.”

“You called him? Last night? So late?”

“Not late in Seattle. C’mon Dad, you know time zones better than I do. Besides,” she continued, “I didn’t call him once while we were on vacation.”

“We were a little busy,” he said with a grin.

“You think?”

“Hey, I only kept you up one or two nights. You kept me up almost the whole trip. It was hard for me to endure.”

“You endured just fine. Your endurance was actually impressive.”

“Well,” he said. “I had to keep up with David. I couldn’t leave him to satisfy all you women by himself, could I?”

“What makes you think we need either of you?” she teased.

“Oh, touché! Touché!” He placed his hand over his heart in mock agony. “I am reminded of my true worth.”

“Oh, you’re worth a lot,” she said solemnly, “but don’t forget, buster. You can be replaced by plastic and batteries.”

“I hope not,” he laughed. “I mean, I’ve gotta be good for something.”

“Do you really wanna throw me that straight line?”

“Oh, I know you can hit it out of the park,” he joked, “but I was kinda hoping to get to first base.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re mixing your metaphors.”

“True. I get all tongue-tied around beautiful women. Except when I’m using it of course.”

Leah sighed dramatically and rolled her eyes. Then she returned to her cereal. They ate quietly for a bit.

“It’s too bad you have to go to work soon,” she said.

He shrugged. “I can be a little late. Wanna join me for a shower?”

To be continued…

Cover for the book Friends and Benefits

 Want more of  Only Fair?

Kara wants to do it. Leah did, so it’s only fair.

Chris’s affair with Leah continues hot and heavy. But he fooled around with Kara before that, and she didn’t want to stop. Now he has to find a way to make them both happy and satisfy two young women with healthy sex drives…

A short story in Nick Scipio’s Summer Camp Swingers universe.