Sample: Screwing the Spies


My business partner Bill told me no one would believe me.  Hot women don’t just come up to guys like me in a coffee shop and offer to fuck.  Especially not three at once.  He says it’s unbelievable.  Normally I’d agree with him.  Except it happened to me.  And it’s true.

In some ways, it was Bill’s fault anyway.  After we’d hit it big, he’d insisted we rent fancy offices in the financial district where we could meet potential clients and hobnob with other stock analysts.  I thought it was a waste of money and there was nothing wrong with continuing to work out of his basement.  We’d made a ton of cash by being one of the few to correctly predict the housing bubble and we didn’t need clients anyway.  But Bill insisted.  I might be happy with my derivatives algorithms and computer programs, but he wanted more.  I gave in when he pointed out we’d be able to get more room for my servers and a dedicated OC-48 line if we moved into the city.

The problem was, the office was too quiet.  Bill usually spent most of his day out around town and we hadn’t bothered to hire a secretary, so I was alone.  That wasn’t too bad, but I missed the buzz of people.  When we’d been working in his basement, I could always hear his wife or kids upstairs, even if Bill wasn’t around.  So after a listless, unproductive week, I decided on the obvious strategy: grab my laptop and head to a coffee shop.

It worked fine. I’d spend a couple of hours in the morning drinking coffee and working on new predictive equations for the derivatives market.  Then after lunch, I’d go back to the office, plug my laptop into its docking station, and run them on the server.  If Bill needed to show me off as ‘the math genius’ to some prospective client, he’d call me on my cell and give me enough warning to slip back to the office and change into the suit that I left hanging behind my office door.  Otherwise, the coffee shop was ‘home.’

That’s where Lauren found me.

I’d been too engrossed in my programming to hear her approach, but when she cleared her throat, I couldn’t help but look up.  And keep looking. She was stunning—blonde and busty in a tight dress that made no secret of what charms she had to offer.

I couldn’t help swallowing hard.  She noticed and her eyes twinkled.

“Excuse me,” she said, “if you’re online, could you help me? I need to find a restaurant.”

“Su-ure,” I said. “Which one?”

Her mouth turned into a pout. “I don’t know,” she said. “That’s the problem.  I’m supposed to pick one to meet my friends at tonight, but since I’m from out of town, I just don’t know what to choose.”

“Uhhh…. Cavalli’s is nice.”

“My friends are rather particular.  Perhaps you could call up their menu and I could look over your shoulder?”

I blinked and then nodded vigorously.  “Sure!”

She slid a chair next to me and sat down, close enough for me to smell her perfume. Then she smiled.

“Thank you,” she said, “You’re a life saver.  I was planning to use the business center at my hotel, but their network is down.”

“That’s too bad,” I said, though I knew I didn’t mean it.

She extended her hand.  “I’m Lauren.  I’m in town for a medical convention.”

I shook her hand and my pulse blipped at the warmth of her touch.  “I’m Ed,” I said. “Are you a doctor?”

She shook her head. “Drug rep.  Someone has to tell the doctors all about the latest way to control cholesterol.”

“Sounds dull.”

She shrugged. “It has its benefits.  It pays well.  I get to travel. I’ve made some great friends.”

“Ah, your friends.  Let me pull up Cavalli’s website.”

She just smiled and nestled closer so we could both see the screen.

Unfortunately, Cavalli’s wasn’t going to work for her, since it didn’t offer enough vegetarian options for one of her friends.  I made a few more suggestions and we pulled those up, but none were quite right.  Some had the wrong menu, some were too far.  In all, we spent thirty minutes side by side going through options.

Not that I minded. Being with her was intoxicating.  The way she tilted her head when she looked at me. The way her eyes sparkled. The way her arm brushed mine and the way she smelled.  I hadn’t dated a lot of women, but she was giving off all the signals of being seriously into me.

She finally exclaimed delight at The Park Street Bistro’s menu.  “Perfect!  They’ll love it!”  Then she turned to me.

“Cavalli’s did sound good,” she said with a tilt of her head.  “Perhaps you’d care to join me for lunch?”

I hesitated because I couldn’t believe my luck, but then she moistened her lips and took a deep breath, which thrust her amazing breasts out.  I immediately agreed.

Lunch went quite well.  She seemed genuinely interested when I talked about market algorithms and laughed at my jokes. She asked why I worked in the coffee shop and gave me an understanding smile when I explained.  She didn’t talk too much about her job—too boring she said—but she did share some crazy stories about adventures with her friends.  Her eyes sparkled throughout the meal and I almost buzzed from the chemistry that seemed to flow between us.  We even talked a little about sex and she got me to admit my favorite fantasy was to be with several women at once.  Her eyes just twinkled and she said that was hers too.  I’d never felt so aroused in Cavalli’s before.  We both let out a disappointed sigh when the check came.

“So,” she asked, leaning in close, “perhaps we could go some place more private? Maybe your office?”

To be continued…

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When Lauren hit on Ed in the coffee shop, he wondered—is it me, or my industrial secrets she’s after?

It looked like he’d have to screw her and her friends to find out.