Sample: Secrets of a Free Spirit

“I’m a free spirit,” Denise said with a smug grin as we sat at the bar amid the noise. “If it feels good, I do it.”

I laughed and gestured to the dance floor, where swingers of all sorts shimmied and shook. It was a mostly middle-aged crowd, where some of the women were topless and all of them looked good. In other words, people like us. The men kept their partners, or their partners of the moment, moving. My wife was having a good time twirling with a well dressed black man.

“Well, this is the place to feel good,” I said.

“Exactly,” she said. “It’s a great place to feel good.”

“Or to meet people who can make you feel good,” I said with a waggle of my eyebrows.

She smiled and licked her lips in reply.

I leaned back and grinned. My wife Marie and I had been swinging for a year, but the rush of flirting with someone new still got me going. I’d had my eye on Denise from across the room. A fit, forty-something with short light brown hair, she reminded me of one of my childhood babysitters, which was a good thing. She had an easy smile and a sparkle in her blue eyes that suggested things my old babysitter never would’ve considered. Our conversation had gone well—as an artist, Denise had a wide range of opinions about culture and the world, most of which were quite interesting. She also enjoyed my observations on the same subjects as we talked.

The song ended and my wife gave her partner a hug before returning to my side. I introduced Denise and the two hit it off immediately. Denise complimented my wife’s bracelet, which turned out to be from the same boutique that Denise regularly visited. Fashion turned to customer service discussions and after a handful of minutes, I refreshed all our drinks and steered us to a small open table in the far corner.

“So,” Denise asked after the conversation had gone on for a while, “have you ever been to Pandora’s?”

“The lingerie shop?” Marie asked. “Once. It was nice, but very expensive.”

Denise nodded. “But you have to ask for the special service.”

“Oh?” My wife’s amused tone made her curiosity clear.

Denise licked her lips and grinned. “The owner, Christine, personally fits her special clients, and makes sure they’re very satisfied before they leave.”

“That’s some customer service,” my wife said, her eyes twinkling.

“Mmm hmmm. I buy a new bra or panties every month.”

“They must be pretty nice.”

“They feel great, and they look fabulous. Want to see?”

Marie and I exchanged a look. It was the questioning look we’d developed over the past year—do we want to go to the back rooms with this person?

I nodded my chin slightly. My wife returned the nod before turning to Denise.

“I’d love to,” Marie said. She tossed the question to me, mostly for show. “Jared?”

I grinned and tilted my head toward the back rooms, “Shall we?”

Denise grinned. “I was just waiting for you to ask.”

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Just “how free” was she?

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At the swinger’s club, she told us she was a free spirit. When we met her college-aged kids, it was clear they were hiding something. Would they let us in on their secret?

If you like other people’s incest, you’ll like the short story Secrets of a Free Spirit. Based on a true story.