Sample: Something New

Leah fiddled with the radio for a while after they left the airport, before Chris suggested she see if she could find the local NPR station. They caught the tail end of All Things Considered, but it was mostly a recap of the year’s biggest stories. After a bit, Leah turned it off.

“Ugh. Does nothing happen over the holidays?” she said.

“It’s always slow. It’ll pick back up in mid-January.”

“Yeah. The State of the Union. The jobs and economic forecasts—”

“Don’t forget the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics.”

She shrugged. “Eh, the skating’s fun.”

“The skiing is too.”

“Skiing’s fun to do.” She curled her lip. “Watching—you’re on your own there.”

“Well,” he said with a chuckle, “there are some people I could watch ski all day. Most of ’em aren’t pros though.”

“Always the voyeur,” she said with mock disgust.

“Hey, I know what I like.” He gave her a broad grin.?

“We know,” she shot back. “We all know.”

“Lucky me.” A vision of her masturbating on video jumped to his mind. Leah’s mind seemed to go the same direction.

“So…,” she said, a touch of hesitancy in her voice, “you liked…”

“Your video? Absolutely. It was amazing—one of my best Christmas presents ever.”

She let out a small relieved sigh but tensed at the end.

“And I loved what happened after,” he said.

“Oh my God, that’s so good to hear,” she gushed. “I was worried you might have regrets or second thoughts or—”

He held up a hand, stopping her. “I’m fine. Do you have regrets?”

She blinked in surprise and started to say something, but then quickly closed her mouth. She leaned back in her seat and grew thoughtful for a moment.

“No… no, I don’t,” she said. “I was about to say ‘of course not’ but it’s not as simple as that, is it?”

“Yeah. Sometimes the wanting is better than the having. Like the dog that catches the car he’s chasing.”

She nodded. “Or the toy you wanted as a kid that wasn’t as fun as the commercials.”

“Yeah, like the Easy Bake Oven?”

“Yeah, we used it what? Twice? Three times?” she said. “The last time we melted one of my barbie dolls. It really stunk up the house and made a mess.”

He snorted. “I never heard about that.”

“Kara helped us clean it up before you got home. Mom was at the store, if I remember right. I don’t think she knew either.”

“Ha!” He shook his head in amusement. “That makes me wonder what else you got away with.”

“You don’t really want to know.”

“Oh, we probably know about most of them.”

“I bet you don’t.”

They shared a look, before he was forced to put his attention on the road again. Her eyes had been full of defiant amusement.

Like she was daring him.

“Okay,” he said evenly, “what’s one thing you think you got away with?”

“I dunno… I have to think of something good.”

Chris shrugged. “Or not. Secrets can stay secrets, too.”

They came to a bend in the road and he had to concentrate on his driving for a bit. While the road was clear of snow, it was still slick in places. Fortunately, traffic wasn’t heavy. Still, he wasn’t happy when a semi decided to pass them. He clenched the steering wheel tighter until it was gone.

“Mmm,” Leah said, “I know. Remember the Campbells? After we moved into the new house?”

“Yeah. Georgina had that really wild red hair.”

“You, uh, had them over once.”


“Gosh, she was loud.”

“No kidding. She nearly burst my ear drums when she—wait, how do you know about that?”

“Well… uh… when you had them over, me and Gina were supposed to be at the Hughes’s.”

“Supposed to be?”

“Well, I was supposed to be. Gina actually was. Erin and I decided to sneak back and watch.”

“Uh huh.” He gave her a sideways annoyed glance.

“Hey, you knew we spied on you.”

“Yeah, but we thought that was with David and Beth. We didn’t know it was with new people too.”

“Yeah, well we wanted to see. Besides, we didn’t get caught—at least by them.”


“Mmm hmm. David and Beth caught us. They must’ve been late or something.” She waved a hand to dismiss the memory lapse. “Anyway, they came in through the gate and caught us peeking in the window.”

“So what happened then?”

“Beth was really upset. David drove us back to their house.”

“They never told us,” Chris mused.

“Well… I kinda bribed David.” Her face turned rosy.

“Bribed David?”

“I might’ve given him a blowjob and asked him not to tell. The next morning when he brought me home.”

Chris snorted in laughter. “He still should’ve told us.”

“Well, he told Mom, but he was totally cool about it. He downplayed it, like it was no big deal. She bought it.”

“She never told me.”

“Yeah, well you know Mom.”

“Yeah. Probably forgot.”

He forced the grimace off his face. Instead, he let his mind play back through her story. “Hold on,” he said as he did the math. “That was three years ago.”

“So what? I was old enough, and it wasn’t like it was my first.”


“Mmm hmm. He was real cool about it. He just pulled into the park and I did it.”

Chris chuckled. “Well, maybe I understand. No guy in his right mind would turn down a blowjob.”

You did. For a long time.”

“Only from you. What can I say, I wasn’t in my right mind.”

“Lemme guess,” Leah teased, “you are now.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Okay. Pull over and let me give you a blowjob.”

He burst out laughing, but flipped on his turn signal for the Summit Park exit just ahead.

To be continued…

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