Sample: The Champ is Going Down

The gravel crunched under their shoes as Trip and Wren walked from the Retreat to Susan’s house. The sun hadn’t quite set, but the day had cooled enough to be almost comfortable. Even the humidity felt lower, though Trip guessed that wasn’t true.

Instead, he squeezed Wren’s hand. Her engagement ring pressed into his hand and he looked at her and smiled. She returned both the grin and the squeeze.

“So tell me about the Raefords,” she said.

“Elaine’s really hot,” Trip said. “Dennis is alright, I suppose. They’re older than us.”

“Susan’s age?”

“Nah. In their thirties, I’d guess,” Trip said. “You’ll like them.”

“But you won’t have a problem with me and David…?”

He snorted but tried to turn it into a laugh. “No. I know how much you enjoyed last time.”

She nodded, but thankfully didn’t comment. Instead, she asked, “Do you think things’ll be different with Beth?”

“Meaning she might want to have sex with me this time? I dunno, but it doesn’t matter. I’m sure Elaine and Susan will keep me busy.”

“Just save some for me,” she said with a grin. I am your fiancée after all.”

“No problem,” he shot back. “You’ll be the hottest one there.”

Her smile glowed and she squeezed his hand tight.

They heard the merry chatter before they rounded the corner to Susan’s patio.

Trip’s eyes immediately found Elaine. The brunette was laughing at something David, sitting next to her, had said. Her bare breasts bounced delightfully and her eyes danced merrily. Then she spotted Trip and Wren and she smiled.

“Congratulations!” Elaine said.

“Thanks,” Trip and Wren said together.

Trip glanced around. Susan, Beth, and Dennis Raeford had just broken off their own conversation and were grinning as well. They were all drinking margaritas and nibbling on a basket of tortilla chips.

“Thank you,” Wren said to Elaine. She gave Trip a sunny smile. “I’m a lucky woman!”

“I’m the lucky one,” Trip replied, which earned him a kiss.

Dennis Raeford stood and looked at Wren. “Would you like a margarita? I learned this great recipe during our trip to Jamaica.”

“Oh?” Wren said. “When were you there?”

“April,” Elaine answered. “Dennis’s parents watched the kids and we spent a week at a swinger’s resort.”

“For real?” Wren said. She looked at Trip. “Maybe we should go there.”

“She was just about to tell us the good parts,” David teased. He looked at Wren and gestured toward a nearby empty chair.

“Hey, Trip,” Dennis said, “help me make more drinks?” He nodded toward the door to the Susan’s kitchen.

“Uh, sure.” Trip let go of Wren’s hand. “You want one, babe?”

“What do you think?” she replied. Then she headed for the seat next to David.

To be continued…

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Watching David with Wren brings out Trip’s competitive streak. He doesn’t want to admit the older man can please his fiancée in ways he never could. But maybe Trip can show the ladies he’s a champion at something else…