Sample: The Price

I waited, more nervous about this gambit than I would have liked. I’d arrived too early, but I hadn’t wanted to miss her. Even though I didn’t know who she was.

Oh, I had a name, but I knew women in her profession used aliases. Just like their clients did. Like I hoped my boss had.

I checked my watch again. Finally only three minutes to five. All throughout the city, civil servants were glancing at their own watches, waiting for those three minutes to pass. Three short ticks and they could jam the Beltway on their way home, or head to the bars to toss a couple down while debating the politics of the day.

Just a few short ticks and it would be too late to back out, too late to walk away. I steeled myself.

Two minutes to five.

At least the Congressman was on his way home. Catching my boss in flagrante delicto would have been bad, I reminded myself. Very bad. I didn’t want him as an enemy if I could at all help it.

Which made dealing with his hooker even more delicate. I had to handle this just right…


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 I took a gamble by meeting my boss’s hooker…

But if she’d tell me what I wanted to know, my political career could take off…

A Compassionate Courtesan Universe short story about negotiations.