Sample: TMI

“Hi, Dad.”

“Gina!” Chris Coulter exclaimed into the phone. “How’s my favorite California Girl?” He began to sing, “We wish they all could be Califor—”

“Dad, please!”

Chris let the Beach Boys song die on his lips, but didn’t stop smiling. Instead, he leaned against the kitchen counter next to the phone and quietly hummed the tune to himself.

“That’s better. I just called to let you know I’m back from Tahoe, safe and sound.”

“Good to hear, Princess. Did you have fun?”

“Yeah. The skiing was great and the town is totally cool.”

“I’m sure you had fun staying in, too, if you know what I mean.”


“What? You think I don’t know what you and Brock are up to?”

“Well, yeah… but… it’s private!”

“I know, I know,” Chris said, though he didn’t stop grinning. “It’s none of my business. But I like teasing you anyway.”

“Well, if you’re going to be like that, let me talk to Mom.”

“She’s not here,” Chris said. “She’s over at David and Beth’s.”

“The Hugheses’? It’s like, what, eleven o’clock there?”

Chris grinned. He was sure that Elizabeth and Beth had simply gotten engrossed in their plans for the new hot tub, but he felt like teasing his daughter a bit more.

“Well,” he said, “I’ve been pretty busy this week, so your mom asked if she could ‘borrow’ David for a while. She likes his oral skills. Not to mention his d—.”


“What, Princess?”

“That’s too much information. Um, okay? I mean, it’s cool that you don’t have a problem with it, but I totally don’t need to hear the details.”

Chris grinned. It wasn’t like Gina didn’t know about her parents’ sex life in intimate detail. She’d been present at some of their orgies, after all. He was sure that her feigned squeamishness was just to get him to stop teasing her.

“Whatever you say, sweetheart. You know I can’t resist my favorite middle daughter.”

Gina snorted. “I’ll remember that the next time I need money.”

“Ha! Go ahead. I’ll make sure your mom says no.”

While he couldn’t see her roll her eyes, Chris was sure he’d accomplished just that. Which meant the teasing had probably gone on long enough.

“I’m glad you’re okay and had fun,” he said, more serious. “We missed you in Utah, but we had a good time anyway.”

“Well… I’m… I mean… it wouldn’t’ve worked. You know, not with Paul there.”

Chris sighed. The first couple of days had been rough with Paul and Leah sniping at each other, creating collateral damage for everyone around them. Thankfully they’d worked things out before Elizabeth had to make good on her threat to send Leah home.

“I understand,” Chris said, “but he and Leah made up… eventually.”

“They did? Really?”

“Yeah, they did.”

“That’s cool. Then I definitely need to talk to Leah. Is she there?”

“Yeah, hold on a second, I’ll get her.”

To be continued…

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Maybe Chris should’ve put the phone down. Maybe he shouldn’t have listened in to the steam conversation between his daughters. But he did…

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