Sample: Tsunami Mary


Some forces of nature have names. Hurricanes get theirs when they’re formed. Wildfires get named for the place where they start. Blizzards get named after the year they hit, or sometimes the holiday. Years later, people talk about ‘The Christmas Blizzard of ’14.’

We named our daughter Mary when she was born, but she didn’t come into her own until she was older. Then she became Tsunami Mary.

A force of nature too powerful to resist.

Now I should be clear up front. We’re a pretty open-minded family. Clothes are optional at our house, though they’re on more often than off. It’s a side effect of winters in eastern Washington State. Who wants to be naked and cold?

As for the summers, well, we’re nude more often. Actually, it’s mostly the girls. My wife doesn’t like the heat and Mary, well Mary would be naked all the time if she could. Her cousin Amy, who lives with us while she attends Washington State (Go Cougars!), tends to follow Mary’s lead when she’s around, or my wife’s when Mary isn’t.

Me? Well, getting constant boners around your daughter and niece is a bad thing, so I stayed clothed. It just made things easier.

And, honestly, it helped a lot that Mary and Amy spent their summers at The Windy Pines, a nudist camp not far from here. That meant it was just my wife here at home, getting naked, and she doesn’t mind my boners.

In fact, sometimes she really loves them.
We have one helluva sex life when the girls are gone, if you know what I mean. Nothing like her seeing me pop an erection, both of us being nude and all, and her deciding right then and there she has to have a taste of it.

God, I love my wife.

But this story’s about Mary, our wild, overwhelming, passionate, crazy, and downright force of nature daughter. And it started on her sixteenth birthday. 

To be continued…

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