Sample: Unexpected Treat

They found harem style pants at the little boutique Jennifer had known about. It carried a wide variety of Asian and Middle Eastern clothing and decorative bric-a-brac. There wasn’t much selection for the actual pants, but Jennifer had such a wide selection of scarves, she was sure she could make it all work.

After dinner, she proved she was right. She had Erin stand in front of the mirror on the outside of her closet door while she arranged, pinned, and adjusted the scarves. You couldn’t quite see her nipples when they were done, but it was clear she was braless. Her stomach and most of her back were bare as were her feet. Fortunately, she had sandals which would match.

To finish the outfit, Jennifer pinned Erin’s hair up under another scarf and tied the final one across her chin as a veil.

“You’ll have to take this off to drink,” Jennifer said, “but it’ll look cool as hell walking in. Now you help me.”

It took a while, but Jennifer truly did have plenty of scarves. When they finished, Jennifer’s costume was mostly in red while Erin’s was mostly blue.

“You look good in that color,” Jennifer remarked.

“Thanks. What else do we need?”

“One of those drawstring purses,” Jennifer said firmly. “It’ll match the costume.”

“I’ve got one,” Erin said.

“And a hairbrush and ID.”

Erin nodded. “And condoms.”

“Just in case.” Jennifer agreed.

They got a few stares on the walk across campus. Most were good natured smirks, as there were enough other people in costumes about. Two guys had their chins drop and started to make their way over, but Erin waved them off with a flick of her wrist. The number of people in costumes increased as they left the campus and approached the party house.

Two palm trees adorned with Christmas tree lights marked the house, if the loud music hadn’t made it obvious. Like a pied piper’s call, the sounds of thumping bass and Madonna’s voice drew a small stream of costumed revelers toward the door. To Erin’s surprise, her and Jennifer’s costumes were actually on the modest side. One girl, dressed as a sexy witch in all black, had simply put a cross of electrical tape over her nipples. A shirtless guy in a kilt kept flipping it up to show his naked ass.

Inside, they quickly got beers from the keg in the front room and wandered about. The place wasn’t as packed as it had been during the pool party—more competition with other parties that night, Erin suspected. After all, even Max and his D&D friends were having one.

But none of these people would’ve been caught dead playing D&D.

To be continued…

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Halloween in college can be quite a treat…

College students Erin and Jennifer are ready to put on sexy costumes, hit the party, and cut loose. But can they find the right guy to really have fun with?

A short story in Nick Scipio’s Summer Camp Swinger’s Universe. The second of Erin’s Florida Adventures stories.

If you like realistic college erotica, you’ll like Unexpected Treat.