Sample: Wingwoman

Once they left campus, the party house wasn’t hard to find. Duran Duran blasted from the large, old-style two story house set between Christmas tree light covered palm trees. Parked cars blanketed the curb for blocks in each direction while two more were slowly easing their way down the street. A half dozen people were hanging out on the front walk.

“Wow,” Erin said. She glanced at the traffic and the lights and the noise. “The neighbors must hate him.”

“He pays them off,” Kathy said. “At least that’s what I heard.”

Erin shook her head in disbelief as they walked toward the door.

People talking and drinking crowded the front room. A guy in surf shorts and no shirt poured beer from a keg against one wall. Three sorority types in matching Gator t-shirts laughed at something a red-headed guy in sunglasses said. Off to another side, people were shouting “chug, chug, chug!” as a wiry guy shotgunned a beer out of a hole in the bottom of a can.

Kathy led the way, pushing through conversation clusters, until they’d gotten to the backyard. They stepped out onto a patio that made Erin imagine Vegas.

Lights blazed from everywhere in a kaleidoscope of colors, making it almost seem like day. The music was louder here, with Prince’s When Doves Cry coming from a stack of professional speakers in front of a DJ with a couple of turntables. An actual-to-God honest bar was lined up on the far side of the yard from the DJ. People in beachwear and swimsuits jammed it as the two bartenders hustled to fill everyone’s orders.

More people filled the patio between the house and the pool. Most were in swimwear and nearly all were attractive. A bevy of showgirls would’ve fit right in among the voluptuous coeds in string bikinis and guys with washboard abs above their surfer shorts.

The pool lay beyond the crowd. Surprisingly, only about a dozen people splashed and played in it, which made it seem almost empty compared to the patio.

“Where do we change?” Kathy asked.

Erin glanced around and spotted two small high tents with flaps against the far fence. A woman in a white one piece came out.

“I wore my suit,” Jennifer muttered.

“Well not all of us want to wear wet suits home,” Kathy retorted. “C’mon, Brad.” She started toward the tents, boyfriend in tow.

“Sorry,” Jennifer said with a shrug. “I know she can be rude, but…” She pointed toward a webbed lounge chair. “That one’s open. We can put our stuff there.”

They walked over and put their bags down. Then Jennifer unhooked her skirt and let it drop. She stepped out of it and folded it neatly while Erin started to undress. Jennifer pulled her blouse over her head and also carefully put it with her other clothes.

Erin raised an eyebrow. Jennifer’s bikini was far more revealing than she’d expected. A deep blue, the bra cups covered her nipples but left little else of her small breasts to the imagination. The bottoms were French cut and narrowed to about an inch wide over her hips. The back was full—not a string bikini or a t-back—but taut over her ass.

Jennifer caught her looking and grinned. “Yeah, I know. It’s kinda risqué. But I like it. I really do. Well, except for having to, you know, down there.”

“I just trim.”

“Well, sometimes I go all the way.”

“You shave it all?” Erin asked with amusement.

“Sometimes. Depends if the guy likes it.”

“I know one that would.”

Jennifer just chuckled in reply. Then her eyes dropped to Erin’s bikini.

“Nice,” she said.

“Thanks. It’s not as sexy as yours, though.”

“It’s plenty sexy, babe.” Jennifer’s eyes flicked lower. “Do you…?”

“Nah. I’ve thought about it…”

“I thought he liked it.”

Erin chuckled. “No, that’s a different guy.”

Jennifer cocked an eyebrow, inviting her to continue. Erin gestured toward the pool.

“We gonna get in?” she asked.

Jennifer surveyed the crowd. She curled her lip in a small frown.

“Maybe some drinks first?” she suggested. Except the crowd by the bar was still as thick as a mosh pit.

“I’ll get ’em,” a baritone voice said by Erin’s shoulder. She turned and came eyes to chest with a muscular guy in a black Speedo. Seriously? A Speedo? Who was this guy, Greg Louganis?
His wavy black hair reminded her of her brother’s, though his grin was flashier and more casual.

“Whatdya want?” he said.

“Margarita,” Jennifer said at once.

“Sure,” Erin added.

“Two margaritas, coming up.” He gave them another flashy smile and strode off toward the bar.

“Well,” Jennifer said with a raised eyebrow. “That was fast.”

“C’mon,” Erin said. She pointed at the pool. “There’s a spot on the side over there.”

As they worked their way toward the open area, two guys in the water started splashing each other. The girls next to them shrieked when they got hit. The DJ switched to Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean but thankfully lowered the volume a notch. It got easier to hear as they reached the far side of the pool.

Erin knelt and ran her hand through the water. It was surprisingly warm, given how cool the air had become. Not that it wasn’t still a touch muggy out, even after dark. She sat on the edge and dangled her feet in the pool. Jennifer sat beside her.

“Oh wow, feels nice, doesn’t it?” Jennifer said. She reached down and splashed some water on her legs.

“Yeah,” Erin said. She almost had to yell to be heard. “Almost makes me wanna go swimming.”

“Nah. It’s too crowded.” Jennifer gestured toward the group still splashing and yelling at each other. “You been to the rec center yet?”

Erin shook her head.

“They’ve got open swim in the afternoons,” Jennifer said. “I love it for keeping in shape.”

“Yeah, my friend’s got a pool. That’s how her dad works out.”

“That’s cool. We spent our summers at the city pool down the street.”

Erin nodded. “We spent ours at a family camp.”

“I didn’t wear this, though.” Jennifer nodded toward her bikini. “My Mom wouldda killed me for showing so much skin.”

Erin couldn’t help a small grin. “Mine didn’t care. At least not at camp.”

“Oh. Wow,” Jennifer said. “You are so lucky.”

Erin mentally debated how to respond. Before she could, Speedo Guy appeared at the far end of the pool holding two red Solo cups. His head swiveled as he looked around. Then he grinned broadly when he spotted them.

Erin watched as he strode confidently around the pool toward them. He clearly worked out. His chest wasn’t a perfect six-pack, but it was tight. And below…

She blinked. His Speedo was stuffed. His cock was obviously soft, but the bulge was…

“Wow,” Jennifer said. “Did you see…?”

“Yeah.” Erin swallowed almost involuntarily. “Impressive.”

Jennifer fanned herself with one hand.

“Ladies,” Speedo Guy said when he was close. Since he was standing, his bulge was at eye level. The Speedo was so tight, she could tell he was circumcised.

Erin swallowed again.

To be continued…

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At college parties, it helps to have a wingwoman…

New college freshman Erin is ready for more than studying, but college guys can be jerks. Fortunately, dorm mate Jennifer feels the same. This might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

A short story in Nick Scipio’s Summer Camp Swinger’s Universe. The first of Erin’s Florida Adventures stories.

If you like realistic college erotica, you’ll like Wingwoman.