This was intended as the penultimate story in the Chris Coulter arc (it’s grown since). I wanted to show the relationship between Chris and Leah progressing after CNN and working towards its finale in Paris. The relationship between the two of them is more than physical, which this clearly shows.

Additionally, I wanted to set up The Last Hurrah comic. I placed this story on the ski trip specifically to involve the Hugheses. I coordinated this with Nick to also set up his story Best Laid Plans.

After that, several details within the story came from my patrons on Patreon. Jean Paul was a generous Patron who earned the right to have a cameo, where he got to fulfill many a readers’ fantasy. The Strip Trivia Pursuit game consequences were a reader’s suggestion.

In the process, the story grew. I didn’t expect it to be novella length, but I think it’s all good.