Summer Camp Swingers

In 2009, Nick Scipio gave me permission to write a story in his Summer Camp Swingers Universe. That began a long friendship and creative collaboration. Later, we would work together as business partners. All in all, I wrote 35 stories and numerous short snippets with his characters and in his universe.

Most of these stories followed specific characters. They had an arc from story to story that followed the character’s growth. Many were released via Patreon before becoming books. Now they’re all available, grouped by the series, on the links below.

Erin’s Florida Adventures

Written last, but the best prose, these stories follow Erin on her wild sexual adventures her freshman year of college at the University of Florida.

Erin and David

Erin and her father, David, have a similar philosophy when it comes to sex. If it feels good and everyone agrees, why not? These stories address their relationship.

Mark and Christy

Mark and Christy have a special friendship. It’s not love, but it does include art and blowjobs. These stories cover the slices of life that define their relationship.

Chris Coulter

My longest series, these stories follow Chris Coulter as he wrestles with the temptations of having daughters who enjoy swinging as well.

A Good Neighbor

Intertwined with Chris Coulter’s stories, these tales follow his wife Elizabeth’s affair with the older man down the street. Now bundled into a single volume.

Trip and Wren

Two short tales of Trip and Wren swinging with the older generation.


Two stories–a novella about Gina’s trip to Vermont, told by one of her sorority sisters, and a trip to a swinger’s club, told by Kara’s husband Victor.