Some fantasies push beyond what’s acceptable in reality. Taboos prevent us from crossing into areas where significant harm could happen, and is in fact quite likely to happen, should we act on them.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine them.

These tales play with taboo, either as spice or the whole point of the story. They run from pure stroke to almost realistic.

Just don’t try this at home. Fiction can ignore realistic consequences. The happy ending is guaranteed.

Would you prefer…


Chris Coulter

My longest series, these stories follow Chris Coulter as he wrestles with the temptations of having daughters who enjoy swinging as well. Set in Nick Scipio’s Summer Camp Swingers Universe.

Dick Spears

The three “Secret” Dick Spears stories tell tales of family lust that may have been based on reality.

Erin and David

Erin and her father, David, have a similar philosophy when it comes to sex. If it feels good and everyone agrees, why not? These stories address their relationship. Set in Nick Scipio’s Summer Camp Swingers Universe.


Tsunami Mary

Tsunami Mary

She’s an irresistible force of nature…

Rick’s daughter knows what she wants and she’d determined to get it. That might not be good news for Rick…

A short story in Fanlon’s The Windy Pines Universe.



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The Art of the Orgy

The Art of the Orgy

You want to do what in the middle of an orgy?

The summer of 1996 might be the last big party at The Pines. Mark’s happy to spend the long week relaxing and fooling around. So why does he keep wanting to go draw with Christy in the middle of it?

This slice of life story weaves through the orgy in the Epilogue of Nick Scipio’s Summer Camp Swingers Universe. If you enjoy a mix of glimpses of every day life mixed with erotic scenes, you’ll enjoy The Art of the Orgy.

Note: The versions on Bookapy and Smashwords are Director’s cuts with additional taboo scenes.

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Maybe “anything goes” doesn’t apply to all gangbangs…

Victor loves his fiancée, her wild taboo fantasies, and her willingness to get together with her even wilder friends. But accepting an invitation to meet them at a swinger’s club may not have been a good idea…

A short story wondering what’s too far…


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