This series consists of my first stories written under this name. I’d seen a holiday festival in some groups I was participating in and decided to jump in. That first story (A Good Christmas) led to another until I had the entire series.

The first two stories were inspired by the breakup of a friend of mine. He rebounded out of his divorce quite nicely. The rest of the story quickly diverged.

I gave both women the same name, again derived from real life. In hindsight, that was a bad idea (and was a bear in editing), but I still smile and think of those two when I reread these stories.

The third story, Dawn on the Third Day, was inspired by my own trip to Ten Thousand Waves, outside of Santa Fe. A magical place, it had to be in the story.

Birthday Gifts, Fireworks, and Love’s Labor Found all drew from real life incidents, with enough changes to make them less identifiable and a bit naughtier. Unmasked and Giving Thanks were purely from my imagination, where Honeymoon drew on my own trip to Saint Martin, again naughtied up.

One thing this series did was establish a pattern for me in writing linked short stories to generate a larger arc. I find it enjoyable to release each step along the way, and have it be a reasonably complete story in itself.