I originally sold these four stories to various now-defunct erotica fiction sites. Each of them was designed to capture the surprise at an unexpected sexual sight and they’re all loosely based on real live events.

A Mall Tale came about from a visit to a lingerie store with a girfriend where one of the other customers did indeed leave the dressing room in her lingerie.

For Babe in the Night, I took an incident where I looked out my window to discover the neighbors had rented a hot tub and were, ahem, taking advantage of it. I don’t think they knew I could see into their yard.

Sights on the Night Shift draws from a couple of incidents when I was on business travel. To link the scenes together, I created the clerk.

Finally, I did have a dental hygienist many years ago who was a bit of a flirt. While nothing happened, A Smile on the Face was the result.

While each of these stories was originally released individually, I think they are more fun all together.