Voyeurism Tales

There’s a magic that exists between exhibitionist and voyeur–when one is showing off, wanting to be seen, and the other wishes to see.

I’ve long found this to be one of the more magical and common sexual proclivities. Lingerie, after all, fits into this category, and most of porn is visual. We use nudity and partial nudity to signal, “I’m interested in sex. See me. See that I desire more.”

These tales play with voyeurism, from the unexpected to the deliberate. They’d ladies and couples showing off–and their audiences, enraptured by their show.

Unexpected Sights

Unexpected Sights

Who plans to be a voyeur?

But when it happens, is there anything quite so delicious as an unexpected sight of a willing naked woman? Or a couple engaged in passion and heedless of who might see?

This short story bundle includes:
A Mall Tale
Babe in the Night
Sights on the Night Shift
A Smile on my Face

If you like light sexy voyeurism tales, you’ll like this collection.

Holiday Sights

Holiday Sights

Friendship, romance, and exhibitionistic redheads.

Dave’s depressed over his divorce. His friends Will and Jen have a solution for that—a sexy redhead modeling lingerie. Thus begins a year of sexy exhibitionistic hijinks on the holidays for Dave and his friends.

If you like sweet sexy stories and hot naughty redheads in lingerie, you’ll like Holiday Sights.